Friday, April 1, 2011

Severe herpes outbreak or something more?

A couple days ago my mother, whose a nurse, told me that I had genital herpes. But the outbreak has been spreading no matter what we do, and it hasn't shown ANY signs of progress-- even when we've followed every home remedy in the book. I'm worried that I might not have herpes, and something much more severe.

In the beginning I had a few outbreaks, which was expected. But as the days went on, they began to spread, even when I was taking vitamins/medication to help stop it from spreading any more. Now the entrance and area around my urethra is inflamed, so much where it's very painful to walk and urinate. Nothing to help the pain is being relieved, the home remedies of the bath trick, tea bag trick, even pain killers and anti-inflammatory's. Is this a normal, first time, herpes outbreak or is this something more that should be looked at asap?
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I would get it looked at, But, FYI, none of the remedies you used will stop a herpes infection; only an anti viral will. Those usually have to be started very early on too, but since you are in a real bad way, I would get it professionally evaluated.
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Sorry about it.
And your symptoms seems terrible.You have done many things to stop the pain.But it make no different.So maybe you should ask your doctor for help.Home remedy somtiimes is not correct to deal with your herpes.
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good luck to u!
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I know you say your mom is a nurse but you may want to see a doctor and have them test this for herpes. Just having a visual diagnosis isn't very accurate. Home remedies don't always work on sever break outs and you could be spreading by how you apply the remedies. With out being tested you don't know for sure if it's actually herpes or some thing else, which could be why your remedies are not working.
The best way to treat a sever break out iof herpes s with antiviral medication, warm epsom salts baths, ice packs, and aspirin. Also try to keep the break out clean and dry in order to help speed up the healing process.

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