Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cat can got herpes?

Today's newyork news: More than 50 cats were removed from a Newark apartment earlier this week after officials found many of the animals were sick and living in unsanitary conditions.
Newark police and animal control went to 244 N. Fifth St., Apt. A, on Tuesday after an anonymous tip that the cats were not being properly cared for, according to a Newark police news release.

Authorities found five cats on the porch and numerous other cats and kittens inside, police said. The residence had a “pungent” odor, urine and feces was on much of the floor, and some of the animals also had discharges from their nostrils, police said.

Forty-nine cats and eight nursing kittens were taken to the Licking County Animal Shelter upon the agreement of the residents, according to the release. After being photographed, fed and placed in crates, they were taken to Tiny Paws Kitten Rescue in Newark and evaluated by a veterinarian.

Carmen Flowers, who lives in the apartment, said most of the cats that were taken belonged to a couple who was staying with her. Flowers said she had befriended the couple and invited them, and their 49 cats, to stay with her while they looked for a more permanent place to live.

Flowers said she cared for her six cats and the couple took care of their animals, feeding them, changing their litter and taking them to the vet.

“They were their children,” she said. “They took in cats off the street and gave them homes.”

But Flowers said it became overwhelming with so many cats in the apartment. When animal control came to the house, Flowers knew the cats had to go.

“’Cause we had too many, because they were not spayed and neutered and we couldn’t take care of them,” she said.

Many of the cats found in the apartment had eye and respiratory infections, diarrhea and malnutrition, and one had a form of herpes, police said. Two of the cats were in such poor health, they had to be euthanized, 10TV reported.

Kathy Brooks, who operates Tiny Paws Kitten Rescue, told 10TV the situation seemed to be a case of animal hoarding.

“The conditions were deplorable,” Brooks told 10TV. “They’ve got upper respiratory (infections), they’ve got conjunctivitis.”

Flowers said she and the couple were devastated when the cats were removed. The couple left for a motel after the cats were taken, and Flowers hasn’t heard from them since.

“It was as upsetting as all get out,” Flowers said. “I cried; I had grown attached to them.”

Brooks told 10TV the cats will be put up for adoption. Tiny Paws is in need of supplies, including crates and food bowls to care for the cats.

Reports and photos were given to the Newark Law Director’s Office for review of possible criminal charges, including animal cruelty and failure to vaccinate the cats for rabies, according to the release.

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