Friday, April 1, 2011

ASK:How do you get a STI?

ASK:How do you get a STI?

I am doing a health project and really need to know.

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Firstly,you should know STI is different form STD.STDs have its symptoms,but STI have no.
Second,there are many STDs in this world,such as Herpes,HIV/AIDS,hpv and so on.So there are kinds of transmission.
If you wanna know more about STDs group,you can choose,which have more than tens of thousands STD people have joined in.But you should respect them when chatting with can find services such as STD chatting,STD forum,STD blogs,STD test etc,have been provided by best wishes to u.
Hope you can finish your project successfully!

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  • You get an STI by having unprotected sex, this includes anal sex, oral sex, and vaginal sex, as well as any other sex activity involving bodily fluid ,genitalia, or skin contact.

    That being said, condoms are not 100% reliable. You can still get an STI.
    1: If your dad or mom had an STD while making you, You are effected with STD. *16-40 years later.*
    You have sex, And your wife, Girlfriend or whatever starts to hurt a bit, Get her tested. And she has aids.

    2: If your girlfriend/Boyfriend is infected, And you have sexual contact with them.

    3: Having sex with a prosititue. *I really hope everyone knows that one*

    Really? Sexually Transmitted Infection. So it's sexually transmitted . . . so you get it through sex. More specifically through exchange of bodily fluids which also means blood or saliva for many STIs.

  • The clue is in the name......SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED INFECTION! This includes vaginal, anal, oral sex.

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