Sunday, April 3, 2011

How to Treat Herpes

  •     Acyclovir (Zovirax)
  •     Famciclovir (Famvir)
  •     Valacyclovir (Valtrex)
Recently, the Food and Drug Administration approved Valtrex for use in preventing transmission of genital herpes. (See section below: How can I protect myself or my sexual partner?)

During an active herpes episode, whether the first episode or a repeat one, you should follow a few simple steps to speed healing and avoid spreading the infection to other places on the body or to other people.
  •     Keep the infected area clean and dry to prevent other infections from developing.
  •     Try to avoid touching the sores.
  •     Wash your hands after contact with the sores.
  •     Avoid sexual contact from the time you first feel any symptoms until the sores are completely healed, that is, the scab has fallen off and new skin has formed where the sore was.   
Source: National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases

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