Wednesday, April 6, 2011

News:Equine Herpes-Virus 1 Infection Found in a Foal

The authorities have been concerned about the two cases of Equine Herpes-virus 1 infection found at the Cornell University Hospital for Animals. They want to make sure that every required step is taken to stop the infection from spreading.
The authorities have already got the Cornell University Hospital for Animals closed as a precaution. The management at the Cornell University Hospital for Animals has confirmed that it was a voluntary quarantine.
The New York state veterinarian has provided the support for the quarantine. They have got the area sealed and nobody is permitted in the restricted area. They have also followed the biosecurity protocols.
On the march 18, one day old foal was admitted in the hospital. The foal died within two days. The doctors believed that he died due to pneumonia. When a test was performed on the dead foal the doctors found the presence of Equine Herpes-virus 1 infection.
The authorities have restricted the movement of cattle from equine barns and other Cornell facilities.
It has been confirmed by the experts that the equine herpes virus does not affect dogs, cats, cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, or birds.
The authorities have requested people to be extra careful about the infection. If anyone notices any symptoms of the Equine Herpes-virus 1 infection they should immediately inform the local authorities.

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